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Camp Nerdly is awesome, right? So why not celebrate it more than once a year by getting the t-shirt and wearing it all year round! Here is the information about t-shirts for Camp Nerdly, both historic and how to run the order process if you ever find yourself in charge!

Ordering This Year's Shirt

Organizer: Jared Ondricek

URL to order: https://www.customink.com/g/esk0-00az-96j2


Here is the T-shirt for this year. There are 10 men's and 10 women's colors to choose from!

T-shirt-blue-nerdly-10.jpg T-shirt-green-nerdly-10.jpg T-shirt-red-nerdly-10.jpg T-shirt-brown-nerdly-10.jpg

Higher Resolution Images

So You're in Charge

Here are the basics. In 2015 and 2016, we used www.customink.com to order the shirts. There is a group ordering form there that allows everyone to pay for the shirts themselves so it won't be any extra burden on the Chief Owlbear to integrate the t-shirt sales into ConPlanner since it is completely separate. However, the price per shirt changes depending on how many shirts you order, so here is the history of how many shirts have been ordered historically:

  • Camp Nerdly 9 (2016): 32 shirts for 120 total campers (27%)
  • Camp Nerdly 8 (2015): 23 shirts for 75 adult tickets sold (30%)
  • Camp Nerdly 7 (2014): 13 shirts for 57 adult tickets sold (22%)

So 20-30% of people might buy a shirt for what that's worth. Also, customink.com does free 2 week shipping, so make sure you plan ahead. I would start 2-3 months prior to camp in order to get the following details smoothed out:

  • Contact the Chief Owlbear to see if you really are in charge of the t-shirt or if they have other plans.
  • Find out if there are art resources you can use (some computer graphics that have been used in the past might be available to some people in the Owlbear council?)
  • If additional artwork is required, find someone to make some
    • A volunteer from the Google+ community page
    • Someone you know
    • www.fiverr.com has artists who are willing to design t-shirts for as low as $5. You get what you pay for. This is what Jared did in 2016
  • Before you pay anyone anything, poll the Google+ community to see which general artwork direction they want to go. Use a Google Docs Poll with links to artists pages.
    • Worth noting, the more colors the design has, the more expensive the individual shirt cost will be. 3 colors is standard, 4 is only a little more. This has severe design impacts if you aren't paying attention. When doing a design review with customink.com customer service, they threw in white for a free extra background color though.
  • Go forth and commission the artwork! This may take several weeks!!!
  • Go to whatever website you selected and design the t-shirt with the artwork
  • Once finalized, create the group order form (if using customink.com) and advertise the shirts on Google+, Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  • Collect the money, place the order, be the hero. Don't forget to buy one for yourself!


  • You can save on taxes if you ship to different states. E.g. Maryland has lower taxes than Virginia. Work with others in the Owlbear council to ship the shirts to someone else if it saves you money.
  • Whoever gets the shirts should be at camp on day 1 of camp.
  • Worth mentioning again, but the design is impacted by the number of colors present in the artwork.

Historic Shirts

Here is a history of all the Camp Nerdly t-shirts!

Camp Nerdly 9 (2016)

Organizer: Jared Ondricek


Here is the T-shirt for this year. If you are interested in ordering one, head on over to https://www.customink.com/g/esk0-00aj-c7pt. There are 13 colors to choose from!


The order form has been closed but there will be extra t-shirts available at the camp itself.

T-shirt-chocolate-nerdly-9.jpg T-shirt-green-nerdly-9.jpg T-shirt-natural-nerdly-9.jpg

Camp Nerdly 8 (2015)

Organizer: Rachael Storey


The T-shirt link for ordering was part of http://www.conplanner.com/Nerdly8, which is no longer available. Rachael might have the link still in her www.customink.com profile?


Camp Nerdly 7 (2014)

Organizer: Kelley Vanda


The T-shirt link for ordering was part of conplanner for Nerdly 7, which is no longer available. Kelley might have the link still in her www.customink.com profile?