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Camp Nerdly is awesome, right? So why not celebrate it more than once a year by getting the t-shirt and wearing it all year round! Here is the information about t-shirts for Camp Nerdly, both historic and how to run the order process if you ever find yourself in charge!

Ordering a Shirt

This is a placeholder for information on purchasing the current year's t-shirt. Since Camp Nerdly 9 (2016) is now over there is nothing to put here at this time.

So You're in Charge

This is a placeholder for information about how to successfully take charge of the t-shirt bulk ordering process for the camp. Hopefully I will get around to putting all my notes in here for future me or future you!

Historic Shirts

Here is a history of all the Camp Nerdly t-shirts!

Camp Nerdly 9 (2016)

Organizer Jared Ondricek


Here is the T-shirt for this year. If you are interested in ordering one, head on over to https://www.customink.com/g/esk0-00aj-c7pt. There are 13 colors to choose from!


The order form has been closed but there will be extra t-shirts available at the camp itself.

T-shirt-chocolate-nerdly-9.jpg T-shirt-green-nerdly-9.jpg T-shirt-natural-nerdly-9.jpg