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Hooray! Registration is over!


We will begin collecting camp fees AFTER registration has closed, and we can confidently promise you a space at camp.

Adults Age 13 + $65
Sprouts Age 7 - 12 $30
Hatchlings Age 0 - 6 $15
Sleeping Offsite Any $40
Saturday Only Any $30

Walk-in registrations will be NOT be available!

The "Sleeping Offsite" tickets are for local folks who will not be camping. Meals are included for those days. You are still required to perform a chore when you attend. You'll need to leave by 10 PM.

"Saturday Only" tickets still get assigned a chore, and park rules state you have to leave by 10 PM.

These prices are based on approximate amounts of what it actually costs to rent the park and purchase food -- the goal is to cover our costs and provide a fun weekend at a reasonable price. Sprouts and Hatchlings eat less, but still take up occupancy slots, which is why the prices are lower, but not free.

Fees can be paid here:

This will be our first year formally offering Nerdly Scholarship funds. If these create a hardship for you, click the box on the last page of the application, or reach out to the Chief Owlbear. We do not want to exclude people, because people make Nerdly awesome!