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How to Apply

Registration will NOT be handled by ConPlanner this year.

Camp Nerdly can only hold so many campers. We only have so many beds, the kitchen is only so big, the mess hall only has so many tables, and we only have so many tables and spaces to game at.

If attendance trends continue, 2017 will be the first year we have more people who want to come than we can fit. Camp will be limited to a hundred attendees this year, which is right about the most we've ever had at camp.

Register Here

How is this going to work?

Big picture? Everyone will have to submit an application to camp. If we have enough room, then great, everyone gets to come.
If we get more people wanting to come, then some campers will be put on a Wait List.

February 1 - March 31 : Applications Open

The Application to camp will be available from February 1 until March 31 online. Once you submit the application, you can come back and edit it ANYTIME within that window, so don't fret.

You will NOT be asked to pay a registration fee until AFTER registration closes and we can confirm your spot at Camp.

April 1 : Applications Close, Wait List Compiled

April 1 we will check to see how many people want to come, and how many beds we have. We aim to have registration solved for most campers by April 15. By then everyone should know if they are in camp, or on the Wait List.

April 7 - 15 : Applicants Notified

Everyone NOT on the Wait List will be notified, and asked to confirm that they are going to attend.

Everyone on the Wait List will be notified that they are on the Wait List.

As people decline to come, or don't respond, or things get in their way, those beds will open up for people on the Wait List

April 1 - May 1 : Registration Fees Due

Campers are welcome to pay for camp at this time. Part of notification they receive will be a summary of the fees they will owe for this year, less any Nerdly Scholarship funds made available to them.

How are we picking who gets put on the Wait List?

If there are enough beds, the no one gets put on the Wait List. Hooray!

Otherwise, tickets are NOT on a first-come, first served basis.

The Chief Owlbear (CampNerdly [AT] has recruited a group of volunteers to help sort applications. We will be looking to get a mixture of all types of activities at Nerdly, and a mix of new and old campers.
To that end, all Applicants will be asked to tell us what they are excited to bring. Applicants will also be able to voluntarily disclose such information as new camper status, minority status, or anything else they wish to disclose.

It won't be a happy job, if it comes to it, for sure. We appreciate your patience and welcome your questions and concerns.

Who has to fill out an application?

EVERYONE, even the Chief Owlbear. Even the Advanced Volunteers who are helping with planning. EVERYONE.
This year we have even had Advanced Volunteers deep within the planning and organizing duties who volunteered to be on the Wait List.

ANYONE who is 13 years or older has to fill one out. Anyone 12 or younger must put their information on their parent or guardian's application.

How can I make sure I get in to camp this year?

There's no guarantee. We're looking for a mix of enthusiastic campers who want to bring role-playing games, board games, larps, outdoor activities, and anything that connects us to each other, to cool stuff, and to the camp space.

We will be primarily looking for:

A mix of all types of activities, (be creative, be honest, be enthusiastic)

A mix of new and old campers, with a bias towards underrepresented minorities

However, it's safe to assume that people who cannot or will not perform a majority of chores, with no explanation of why, are going to be harder to work in to the chore rotation, and therefore less favorable.</p? <p>We will most certainly NOT be looking at the Nerdly Scholarship question for this decision. We will NOT put people on the Wait List for asking for help getting to camp.

What happens if I get put on the Wait List?

We'll let you know you're on the Wait List by the middle of April. At the same time we'll be asking everyone "not" on the Wait List to confirm that they are coming. If someone else can't make it to camp, we'll contact you straight away and see if you are still interested. You'll be given a chance to confirm and come to camp.

If that doesn't happen before Camp, then we won't have space for you this year.

I will maintain a list of people who are put on the Wait List this year, and will hand it off to the person running camp next year, but I can't guarantee what they'll do with that list. Nerdly is staffed and administered by volunteers.


We will begin collecting camp fees AFTER registration has closed, and we can confidently promise you a space at camp.

Adults Age 13 + $65
Sprouts Age 7 - 12 $30
Hatchlings Age 0 - 6 $15
One day - local Any $20
Weekend - local Any $40

Walk-in registrations will be NOT be available!

The one-day ticket and weekend ticket are for local folks who will not be camping. Meals are included for those days. You are still required to perform a chore when you attend. You'll need to leave by 10 PM.

These prices are based on approximate amounts of what it actually costs to rent the park and purchase food -- the goal is to cover our costs and provide a fun weekend at a reasonable price. Sprouts and Hatchlings eat less, but still take up occupancy slots, which is why the prices are lower, but not free.

Fees will be due AFTER registration is set, and we can be sure we have space.

This will be our first year formally offering Nerdly Scholarship funds. If these create a hardship for you, click the box on the last page of the application, or reach out to the Chief Owlbear. We do not want to exclude people, because people make Nerdly awesome!