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Camp Nerdly 9 introduces the idea of the Pitch Book. This is just a summary of the games people want to run so that people can read about them. It helps people plan and it helps people learn about the offerings at Nerdly. It helps people who need more time to process pitches or who have difficulty hearing the pitches in the noisy mess hall.

The Chief Owlbear will gather the pitches off ConPlanner and also accept pitches via email (to owlbear@campnerdly.org).

This is similar to a game conventions "event book" or whatever, but it is not that. Event books tell you when all the events will run. This just tells you what GMs are interested in running. There are likely events that people didn't get into the Pitch Book, so definitely listen closely at the pitch sessions, too. We'll print a dozen or so copies of the Pitch Books and leave them all over the mess hall and probably put one in each cabin, too.

Pitch Format

A good pitch tells us not only what you're running, but why we should play it. Maybe even who should play it, if it is well-suited to a particular kind of player.

Important stuff to consider:

  • What rules does it use? What's its format (tabletop RPG, LARP, Jeep, board game, and so on)?
  • What is it about? Genre? Themes?
  • Is it only for adults or can kids play, too? What ages?
  • What's the tone of the game? Serious? Silly?
  • Is there any particular content in the game that might give certain people pause? Does the game deal with tough subjects?
  • Is this a double-slot game? A lot of our slots are only two or three hours.
  • Is there a specific time you need to run this or can't run this?

Make sure you tell us what you think is so fun about this game!