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This is our first year offering a Camp Nerdly Scholarship! We’re excited to see how it goes.

While Camp Nerdly is relatively inexpensive ($65 for a weekend of food, gaming, and a place to sleep) we recognize that the cost isn’t all inclusive. Campers still have to bring bedding, some dishes, and travel to a campsite.

We don’t want money to be a barrier to having a great weekend. And plenty of former campers have offered to help out.

So now we’re organized.


Camp Nerdly would like to thank:

Melissa :)

Frank Manna in memory of Mark "PDXMarcos" Eggleston

Shane Liebling

Andrew Click


Adam Dray

How to Help

Camp Nerdly will accept Scholarship funds contributions during a two month period starting February 1.

Any contributions should be made through PayPal, simply follow

this link

If you wish to remain anonymous, just put "anonymous" in the comment field.

Otherwise we'll be inclined to thank you here, and possibly in future newsletters.

What will the funds go towards?

Helping individual campers with:

* Admission to camp
* Assistance with light transportation costs (bus fares, Amtrak, etc)
* Bedding or similar camp supplies
* Game supplies (for big events or craft activities)

What will the funds NOT go towards?

Camp Nerdly is an entirely volunteer organization. Funds will not be used to pay any volunteer staff, purchase or distribute promotional material, pay park fees, purchase groceries for the camp, or swag for campers. All of Nerdly’s operating costs are covered by regular Admission fees each year.

Who gets the funds?

Anyone applying to camp will have the option to request assistance getting there. This information is entirely voluntary, and will not affect their admission decision.

Funds will be allocated to help the maximum number of people, but there aren’t concrete rules yet, as we don’t have any documentation on previous years needs or previous years funds.

We will do our best to be as transparent as possible, but will respect the privacy of anyone receiving Camp Nerdly funds. If they wish to remain anonymous, then they shall.