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Welcome to the Camp Nerdly X Planning Page!

If you are visiting us for the first time and want to edit a page, please sign up for an account. (We only do this to prevent spam.)

What is Camp Nerdly?

Camp Nerdly is a gathering of old and new friends who come together each year to play role-playing and board games and to experience nature. It runs from Friday afternoon to Sunday morning, and we play games together, cook meals in our mess hall, and hang out in cabins. It's very cheap (roughly $65), and is a great time!

Applications are open now, so click here to submit before March 31.

When / where is it?

Camp Nerdly X will be held May 19-21, 2017 in Camp 2 (Mawavi) of Prince William Forest Park in Triangle, VA. It's about 35 miles south of Washington, DC, and isn't a far drive for most of the East Coast:
From Washington, DC: 45 minutes
From Philadelphia, PA: 3 hours, 30 minutes
From Durham, NC: 4 hours
From New York City: 4 hours, 15 minutes

The easiest way to get there is to take I-95 to exit 150 (Joplin Road, Triangle VA). From exit 150, go west on Joplin Rd / 619 for about 5 miles until you get to Mawavi Rd, and then follow the signs from there!

Here is the location in Google Maps. Just click the "Directions" button and fill in your address to get door-to-door navigation. This link has a pin right in the middle of the parking lot!

Campers may arrive any time Friday afternoon, but the camp won't officially start until 4pm. We'll start breaking camp at 3:30pm on Sunday.

Camp Nerdly Scholarship

We will be offering an official scholarship this year to help offset the cost of camp for anyone wishing to come. To apply for Nerdly Scholarship assistance, just check the box on the last page of your application to camp. If you are hoping to contribute to the Nerdly Scholarship Fund this year, simply click here

Rideshare Information

Please check back later for rideshare information.

Get the T-Shirt!

Here is the T-shirt for this year. If you are interested in ordering one, head on over to There are 10 men's and 10 women's colors to choose from!

T-shirt-blue-nerdly-10.jpg T-shirt-green-nerdly-10.jpg T-shirt-red-nerdly-10.jpg T-shirt-brown-nerdly-10.jpg

More information about Camp Nerdly T-shirts can be found on the T-Shirt page.

The Nerdly Code

Camp Nerdly is a place for gamers of all stripes to play together and work together. It is a place for joy, friendship, and peace. It is not a place for grudges, squabbles, or trouble.

All campers will be expected to live up to the following code:

  1. You will have a job at Camp Nerdly, as will everyone else. You should be happy to perform this service in order to help your fellow campers have a good time, and should do this service well.
  2. Sometimes issues come up and extra help is needed. If you see somewhere help is needed, you should be proactive and step up to help. If someone asks you for help, you should be happy to give it.
  3. Everyone is responsible for fun at Camp Nerdly. You should come ready to run a game[*] for other people.
  4. Games and the outdoors are great for young people, and they are encouraged to come. However, people under 16 must be under the supervision of their parents or a guardian at all time for safety’s sake, and to help everyone have fun. They are still considered campers, and should follow the Code.
  5. Camp Nerdly is a place to have your senses fully engaged. You are outdoors, with friends, playing fun games. Because of this (and park regulations), no alcohol or drugs are allowed at Camp Nerdly. We realize some people smoke, and they are asked to only do that in the designated areas (the parking lot.)
  6. People can have issues with each other, and you are expected to keep them to a minimum and deal with them in a mature manner. If an issue comes up, and outside resolution is needed, you are expected to ask a member of the Owlbear Council to help.
  7. If you break the Code, you bear responsibility. You will be asked to fix any problem you made, and any member of the Owlbear Council can ask you to leave the camp. If asked to leave, you will not get a refund.

[*] or Acticivty.