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Lodging is provided as part of the Camp Nerdly fee. Most of them are 4-person cabins with a few 2-person or 6-person cabins. The cabins are rustic, with no heating, though they do have electricity. The windows have screens and slat covers that will keep out rain, but they are very exposed to the outside temperature, and will get somewhat damp if there is heavy precipitation.

The cabins also have very bright glowing red EXIT signs over the doors, and we recommend bringing a black t-shirt, or some black construction paper and masking tape, to cover it if the glow will bother you.


You'll get a bed in a cabin like this:

Cabin interior.jpg

No, we weren't kidding about the EXIT signs. Yes, they're really that bright. This was taken without flash around 3am:

Exit sign.jpg

Map and Information

CN7Map Key.png

There are 4 Units!

We are encouraging parents and families to fill C Unit first.

We are also not allowing registration in B Unit for the moment. If the camp starts to fill up, we'll open B, and at that time, you can switch your arrangements around if you like.

Each cabin cluster contains:

  • Six 4-person cabins
  • One 6-person cabin
  • One 2-person cabin
  • One restroom (don't sleep here)
  • One craft lodge (also don't sleep here)
  • Zero Cabin 9s. Due to a peculiarity of the map provided by PWFP, there are cabins 1 - 8, and 10 - 12, in each cabin cluster, but there are NO CABIN 9s. ANYWHERE. Please do not plan on sleeping in a Cabin 9. You will cause confusion and chaos and things will explode and THIS IS WHY WE CAN'T HAVE NICE THINGS.


A Unit (By the Lake, just South of the Fire Circle)

A1: Ankheg

  • E.T.
  • Lena
  • Natalia

A2: Atomie

  • Jay Treat
  • Brenda Treat

A3: Angel

  • Jule Ann Wakeman
  • Jeremy Wakeman
  • Valerie Wakeman (6)
  • Dorothy Wakeman (4)

(also John Wallace Wakeman (1), but he doesn't need his own bed)

A4: Athach

  • Julian Hyde

A5: Archlich

  • Paul Edson (I do snore, but it varies depending on how bad the allergies and other factors might be.)

A6: Assassin Vine

  • Arnold Cassell
  • Kelley Vanda

A7: Archon

  • Rachel E.S. Walton
  • Phil Walton
  • Asher Walton

A8: Amphisbaena

  • Ara Hacopian
  • Mark Causey


A10: Restroom (Arcane Ooze?)

A11: Aboleth (The only 6 person cabin in the Unit)

B Unit (Currently Locked)

C Unit (Families recommended)

C1: Catoblepas

  • Frank Manna
  • Kitty Cunningham

C2: Centaur

  • Patty Kirsch
  • Sean Leventhal
  • Scott Leventhal
  • Calvin Leventhal (not really using his own bed if we really need the space....)

C3: Cloaker (Early to Bed Early to Rise)

  • Bill White
  • Hannah White
  • Ben Rosenbaum
  • Noah Rosenbaum

C4: Cockatrice

  • Scott Morningstar
  • Lee Morningstar (9)
  • Ira Morningstar (13)

C5: Chitine

  • Cary Rogers
  • Rich Rogers
  • Donovan Rogers

C6: Cryohydra

  • Candi Norwood
  • Chris Norwood

C7: Cyclops

  • Steven Hubbard
  • Holly Hubbard
  • Shawn Hubbard
  • Ethan Hubbard

C8: Carrion Crawler


C10: Restroom (Choker?)

C11: Chimera

  • Misha Bushyager
  • Nathan
  • Eleanor
  • Ryan
  • Timothy Niessen
  • Zoe and Leo

D Unit

D1: Drider

  • Keith Stetson
  • Clarissa Stetson

D2: Destrachan

  • William Nichols
  • Dianne Harris

D3: Displacer Beast

  • Brian Burke
  • Shanin Cook
  • Jeffrey Hosmer
  • Chuck King

D4: Demogorgon

  • Davey Cruz

D5: Derro

  • Rob Cripps
  • Gideon Cripps
  • Jared Ondricek

D6: Dryad

  • Lisa Aurigemma (if non-snorers find themselves stuck in a snoring cabin we are willing to trade)
  • Tim Rodriguez

D7: Doppelganger

  • Whitney Marie Delaglio (...me, nor my other me snore.)

D8: Duergar

  • Joe Zantek
  • Matt Holland
  • Brendan Conway


D10: Restroom (Digester?)

D11: Dragon

  • Rachael Storey Burke
  • Ephraim Gregor
  • Melissa Cohen
  • Adam Dray
  • Jamie Lynn
  • Peter Eichman