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Each attendee at Camp Nerdly will be responsible for one chore throughout the weekend. This helps to foster a community environment where everyone pitches in and helps each other out. Plus, it keeps event costs low, keeps the campground safe and clean, and helps ensure that we are invited back to the campgrounds again next year!

The Golden (Campground) Rule

In addition to your "official" chore, each camper will be responsible for their own cabins. We strive to leave the campgrounds looking just the way they were when we arrived (or better!). Before you leave Camp Nerdly X, please take note of the following:

  • All personal items and trash should be removed from the cabin.
  • The inside of your cabin should be swept and tidied, and all furniture put back where it belongs.
  • The grounds between your cabin and the wall of the next cabin(s) should be clear of litter.
  • Assisting anyone and everyone with anything they ask for help with.
  • Fixing what's broken rather than ignoring the problem or complaining about it.


You all disclosed what you didn't want to or couldn't do. I've done my best to honor those requests. If you see a problem with what you have assigned, speak up and get help, or arrange a trade on your own.

Cabin Masters

Lead by example, take charge if need be, final checkout of their area (Also a ton of planning before the event, just saying... basically heroes)

  • Camp A

William Nichols

  • Camp B

David Rothfeder

  • Family Camp C

Patty Kirsch
Sean Leventhal

  • Camp D

Mark Causey

  • Main Hall Areas

Shane Liebling

Badge and Check-In Specialists

Get badges in people's hands, give them directions to their bed

  • Scott Price

Parking and Shuttle Coordinators

Help people leave their cars in the parking lot

  • Misha Bushyeager
  • Nate Lawrence

Kid's Track Coordinator

All of the things!

  • Jamie O'Marr

Kid's Track Mentors and Sheppards

Sheppards supervise children directly and staff activities for the kids track. You do not have to be a parent to sheppard, and this year it counts as a chore!

  • Scott (spigot?)
  • Sam Broderick
  • Molly Ruhlman
  • Dylan Ross
  • Tim Rodriguez
  • Ron Stanley

Mentors: This year we are sending an adult with children who want to play in adult run games. Your job will be to help with game rules and set behaviour boundaries for the kids in that game so the game runner does not have to manage kids and can focus on running the game. Generally, you yourself will not be playing the game, but if you do(needs 1 more player, easy game, game savvy kids), helping the kids is still your priority.

Put your name here if you are willing to take on Mentor responsibility for one game slot, and list a few times you would be available. We will need at least one mentor for each daytime game slot. This counts as a chore:

  • Daniel Levine (any slot I'm not running in - and I'll work around when you need me to pitch my own stuff)
  • Keith Stetson

Put your name here if you are willing to take on this responsibility in games you are already in that just happen to have children join the game. This does not count as a chore but we would really appreciate it! You will get a special Nerdly Mentor sticker on your badge!

  • Daniel Levine

(No limit. Keep adding. Everyone at Nerdly can volunteer if they want!)

Pitch Master

See that a pitch session happens, make sure games are announced

  • Paul Edson

Games Keeper

See that a schedule happens, make sure games are known

  • Clinton Dreisbach


Take stuff in, track it's use, return it if necessary

  • Meagan Knouff


Resupply bathrooms, make sure cleaning supplies reach people who need them

  • Camp A

Dave Berg

  • Camp B

Dan Fowler

  • Camp C

Donovan Chase

  • Camp D

Chris Dragga

  • Main Areas

Lauran Manamon

Bathrooms and Showers

CLEAN bathrooms, recruit others to help as necessary

  • Camp A & Camp B

Tim Neissen - F
Jon Cole - Sat
Helen Ross - Sun

  • Camp C & Infirmary

Josh Drobina - F
George Austin - Sat Morn
Rachael Storey - Sat Evening
Christo Meid - Sun

  • Camp D & Gender Divided

Rob (seraph?) - F
Ira Morningstar - Sat
Joshua A.C. Newman - Sun

  • Main Hall & Gender Divided

Daniel Levine - F
Alison (frane?) - Sat
Mike Lightfoot - Sun

Kitchen Planners

Plan a meal, oversee it's execution

  • Friday Dinner

Steven K

  • Saturday Breakfast

Jeff Collyer

  • Saturday Lunch

Rachael Storey

  • Saturday Dinner

Maria Joy Brown

Kitchen and Meal Hall Prep

Get seating in order, get people to remove anything not used for eating, make sure no one bothers the kitchen

  • Friday Dinner

Chuck King

  • Saturday Breakfast

Lisa Aurigemma

  • Saturday Dinner

Clarissa BStetson
Melissa Cohen


Assist the Kitchen Planner in executing a meal

  • Friday Dinner

Monica Fluvio
Andrew Schneider

  • Saturday Breakfast

Adam Dray
Nathan Bushyager
Ben Collyer

  • Saturday Lunch


  • Saturday Dinner

Kate Hill
Jim Cummings
Jay Treat
Peter Eichman

  • Special Sunday AM Slot

Serve anything in the pantry and fridge and final clean of kitchen (cold cereal and coffee also provided)
Kelvin Chang
Joe Zantek
Josh Mannon

Kitchen and Dish Cleaners

Eat first and take over dishes so the cooks can eat

  • Friday Dinner

Steve Segedy
David Ackert

  • Saturday Breakfast

Rich Rogers
Erik Pearsall

  • Saturday Dinner

Davey Cruz
Selvi Sri
Jared O

Shoppers and Logistics

Bring all the things that make the camp happen

  • Dave Younce
  • Jamey Harvey
  • Donovan Chase