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Each attendee at Camp Nerdly will be responsible for one chore throughout the weekend. This helps to foster a community environment where everyone pitches in and helps each other out. Plus, it keeps event costs low, keeps the campground safe and clean, and helps ensure that we are invited back to the campgrounds again next year!

The Golden (Campground) Rule

In addition to your "official" chore, each camper will be responsible for their own cabins. We strive to leave the campgrounds looking just the way they were when we arrived (or better!). Before you leave Camp Nerdly 9, please take note of the following:

  • All personal items and trash should be removed from the cabin.
  • The inside of your cabin should be swept and tidied, and all furniture put back where it belongs.
  • The grounds between your cabin and the wall of the next cabin(s) should be clear of litter.
  • If you need assistance for any reason, please contact the Chief Owlbear, who will help make necessary arrangements.

Chore List

If you are interested in a specific chore/role, you can go ahead and add your name next to that chore in the list below. If you're not sure what the roles mean, scroll down to the next section for chore descriptions. Please do not add your name to this list if you are not yet officially registered for the event.

NOTE WELL: This is just a place for you to register your desires for a chore. This does not guarantee you get that chore. Chores will be assigned in an arbitrary manner by the Chief Owlbear and his evil minions. If you have special chore needs due to allergies, phobias, or other challenges, just let the Chief Owlbear know and they'll make it all good.

Before Camp Begins

  • God of Groceries - Jim Crocker


All Weekend

  • Designated Loudmouth - Melissa S. Cohen
  • Tender Owlcub Tender - Daniel H. Levine


  • Badge Check-In Specialist - Kat Miller
  • Chore Check-In Specialist - Michael S. Miller
  • Hall Valkyrie 1 - Megan Knouff
  • Hall Valkyrie 2 - Shane Liebling


  • Hall Valkyrie 3 - Scott Morningstar + Lee Morningstar
  • Hall Valkyrie 4 - Nate Lawrence
  • Genie of the Lunch - Dave Younce & Enoch Younce


  • Hall Valkyrie 5 - Your Name Here
  • Hall Valkyrie 6 - Your Name Here


  • Lord of the Kitchen - Aaron Bostian

Friday Dinner

  • Oven Master 1 - Jay Treat
  • Oven Master 2 - Brenda Treat
  • Assassin Lord 1 - Your Name Here
  • Grime Assassin 1 - Candi Norwood
  • Grime Assassin 2 - Chris Norwood
  • Grime Assassin 3 - Peter Eichman

Saturday Breakfast

  • Oven Master 3 - Robert Bohl
  • Oven Master 4 - Lisa Aurigemma
  • Assassin Lord 2 - Your Name Here
  • Grime Assassin 4 - Keith Stetson
  • Grime Assassin 5 - Clarissa Stetson
  • Grime Assassin 6 - Your Name Here

Saturday Lunch

  • Genie of the Lunch 1 - Your Name Here
  • Genie of the Lunch 2 - Your Name Here

Saturday Dinner

  • Oven Master 5 - Ira Morningstar
  • Oven Master 6 - Andrew Schneider
  • Assassin Lord 3 - Your Name Here
  • Grime Assassin 7 - Monica Fulvio
  • Grime Assassin 8 - Anthony Selino
  • Grime Assassin 9 - Jared Ondricek

Sunday Breakfast

  • Oven Master 7 - Your Name Here
  • Oven Master 8 - Your Name Here
  • Assassin Lord 4 - Your Name Here
  • Grime Assassin 10 - Joe Zantek
  • Grime Assassin 11 - Your Name Here
  • Grime Assassin 12 - Your Name Here


Even if we don't end up camping in Camp B, we may be gaming there and thus have people using the restroom, so we would like a couple restroom keepers for there.

Camp A

  • Restroom Keeper 1 - Rob & Gavin Cripps
  • Restroom Keeper 2 - Your Name Here

Camp B

  • Restroom Keeper 3 - Your Name Here
  • Restroom Keeper 4 - Your Name Here

Camp C

  • Restroom Keeper 5 - Your Name Here
  • Restroom Keeper 6 - Your Name Here

Camp D

  • Restroom Keeper 7 - Richard Rogers
  • Restroom Keeper 8 - Paul Edson

Main Hall

  • Restroom Keeper 9 - Tim Rodriguez
  • Restroom Keeper 10 - Your Name Here

Chore Descriptions

God of Groceries Responsibilities:

  1. You must have a car for this chore, and preferably a membership to a warehouse club such as Costco, BJ's, or Sam's Club.
  2. Pick up any groceries / items from the food list that the Lord of the Kitchen has not already purchased.

Minister of the Left (Chore Master)

  1. Maintain the list of chores
  2. Interface with Prefects - they report directly to you!
  3. Confirm that Chores are being done
  4. If needed, recruit people to perform a particular chore
  5. Perform chores yourself as required


  1. Act as MINISTER when needed
  2. Be mindful that chores are being done, and report progress to MINISTER
  3. With the MINISTER, recruit people for chores
  4. Perform chores yourself as required

Supply Keeper

  1. Make sure other campers have all the materials they need to do their chores:
  2. Make sure there are brooms to sweep cabins and halls
  3. Make sure there are gloves/sponges/mops/buckets/bleach to clean the restrooms
  4. Make sure the HallKeepers have brooms/firewood
  5. Log what is brought to camp, and try to get it back to them before they leave
  6. Maintain campfire area, recruit people to keep the fire going and clean it up afterward

Designated Loudmouth (Pitch Master)

  1. Show up 15 minutes before the Pitch begins
  2. Recruit people to pitch some games!
  3. Explain the process to any interested GMs
  4. Assist their pitches, SHUSH people who talk over them, ask them questions to expose what they LOVE about this game
  5. After each pitch, move that GM to a distinct area and give them a sign under which they can recruit players
  6. For games with room left, record the GM's information in the GAME LOG

Tender Owlcub Tender (Kids' Track Organizer)

  1. Plan and set schedule for Kids' Track activities
  2. Coordinate with parents to staff the Kids' Track

Badge Check-In Specialist

  1. Match campers to their reservations
  2. Ensure they have sleeping arrangements
  3. Ensure they sign a waiver
  4. Ensure they see the Chore Check-In Specialist

Chore Check-In Specialist

  1. Greet Campers on their way in - WITH A CHORE
  2. Make sure campers understand their duties, and affix chore information to their badge
  3. Make sure campers know who is going to sign off on their chore(s)
  4. Ensure they are familiar with the Nerdly Code - offer them a handout

Hall Valkyrie

  1. Maintain order of tables, chairs
  2. Keep fire stoked, if cold. Recruit people to gather/cut wood as needed.
  3. Sweep the hall once after dinner cleanup or final cleanup
  4. After every meal, empty garbage can, replace bags in can
  5. Report to the ASSASSIN LORD with questions
  6. Chastise litterers
  7. If snacks are to be prepared, prepare them, keep the snack area orderly
  8. You may sing while you work

Lord of the Kitchen

  1. Act as head chef, coordinating the other OVEN MASTERS
  2. Make sure that all the menu items for that meal are ready and prepared by the time the meal begins
  3. Start preparing meals (be available) at least 60 minutes before the meal is to begin, make sure the OVEN MASTERS are available
  4. Recruit additional OVEN MASTERS, as needed
  5. Work with ASSASSIN LORD to confirm the handover from cooking to cleaning
  6. Maintain a clean and safe kitchen area
  7. Chase stragglers out of the kitchen, saying "BEGONE!"
  8. Responsible for the entire kitchen area

Kitchen Vizier

  1. Assistant Lord of the Kitchen

Oven Master (Kitchen Hand)

  1. Assist in the preparation of meals, in tandem with the LORD OF KITCHEN
  2. Maintain clean and safe kitchen area
  3. Be awake and available 60 minutes before the meal begins
  4. Read what you are to prepare, and learn how to prepare it before your shift begins

Assassin Lord (Kitchen Cleanup Supervisor)

  1. All of the duties of the GRIME ASSASSIN. You are a supervisor AND an assassin.
  2. Supervise and call to duty the HALL VALKYRIES responsible for the main hall.
  3. Direct the work and questions of the other GRIME ASSASSINS.
  4. Call all GRIME ASSASSINS to duty. Release from duty only when GRIME has been ASSASSINATED
  5. Recruit additional GRIME ASSASSINS as needed
  6. Responsible for the entire hall area (kitchen and hall)

Grime Assassins (Kitchen Cleanup)

  1. Efficiently and safely clean the kitchen garbage can area
  2. Maintain order and hygiene in the walk-in cooler, pantry areas
  3. Fully clean all instruments, surfaces, and utensils including coffee machine
  4. Broom and Mop dirt away. Scrub and clean oven, grill. Wash and prep to dry all pots and pans.
  5. Begin work at your assigned time, work is complete only when ASSASSIN LORD releases you from duties (usually 20-25 minutes, depending on efficiency of GRIME ASSASSINS)
  6. Assassinate all traces of germs, bacteria, grime.
  7. Please eat as early as you can in the two-hour window and report to the kitchen for cleanup.

Genie of the Lunch (Lunch Organizer)

  1. Retrieve lunch items from walk-in closet and refrigerator at 7:00AM
  2. Organize materials for sack lunches (paper bags, napkins, baggies, etc)
  3. Put away any unused perishable items by 9:30AM

Restroom Keeper

  1. Keep toilet paper stocked in the restrooms
  2. Make sure other campers clean up after themselves in the restrooms
  3. Report any problems to Chief Owlbear
  4. Clean the restrooms (sweep floor, swish toilets with a scrub brush) before we leave camp